What are my obligations while I have an active support case?

Having a support case open and active in the Domestic Relations Section (either for active support, arrearages only, or birthing expenses), requires the following obligations on behalf of both parties:

  • To make full support payments to SCDU at all times that a wage attachment is not in effect.
  • To not make or accept direct payments. All money must pass through the court in order for the noncustodial parent to receive credit for it.
  • To notify the Court and all other parties, in writing, within seven days of any change of address or employment. If a party fails to notify the Court of a change of address, any notice mailed to the address of record is deemed received, even if the party no longer resides at that address.
  • To notify the Court within seven days of any change in income.
  • To provide any information requested by the Court in the time period specified.

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