How do I file exceptions?

If Exceptions are filed by either party, a temporary order of support at the amount recommended by the Hearing Officer will be entered until the Court hears oral argument on the exceptions. Parties and their attorneys will receive an order directing when this argument will be heard. The filing party is required to order the transcript of testimony from the hearing for the Court to consider the exceptions.

File a Brief in Support

Parties must also file a brief in support of the exceptions. The date by which a party must file this brief will be set forth in the order scheduling the date for oral argument. A brief is a written statement of the legal reasons why a party believes the Hearing Officer made a mistake in their recommendation.

Information on how to prepare a brief may be obtained from the local law library or bar association.

Order a Transcript

To order a transcript from a support hearing, contact the Domestic Relations Services (DRS) office. A deposit of $50 is required when ordering a transcript. Once the transcript is prepared, parties will be notified that it is ready. If additional money is owed for the transcript, the requestor will be required to pay that amount before the transcript will be filed with the Court and copies for the parties are released.

Final Order of Support

Parties must appear for the oral argument on the Exceptions. If a party fails to appear, their exceptions will be dismissed and the recommended order of support entered as a final order of support. If neither party files exceptions to the recommendation of the Hearing Officer, then a final order of support will be entered after the twenty days has passed.

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