How is the support amount determined?

In Pennsylvania, the amount of support that an individual is required to pay is governed by the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure as set forth by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. From this net income amount as calculated by the Court, a mathematical formula is applied which takes into account both the parents' incomes and the amounts specified by the Supreme Court as the cost associated with providing support for a child. The determination of support has nothing to do with whether the Conference Officer, Hearing Officer, or Judge likes or dislikes someone, it is a purely mathematical process. There is a grid established based on the parents incomes, number of children and parenting time.

How Support is Calculated

Generally, support is calculated by taking your gross (pre-tax) income and subtracting only the following items:

  • The cost of health insurance which is paid for the persons covered by the support order.
  • Mandatory federal, state and local taxes (in their proper amounts; not as withheld on the pay check);
  • Mandatory retirement deductions (not 401-k deductions);
  • Union dues (and in some cases, other mandatory work-related expenses);

Additional Support

In addition to the amount of monthly support, an individual may also be required to contribute a share of any child care, medical, educational or other expenses incurred by the custodial parent for the child in addition to the support amount.

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