Does Pennsylvania recognize common-law marriages?

This question should be referred to an attorney. Common Law ended 01/01/2005.

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1. How do I get a certified copy of my marriage license?
2. Is photo identification required when submit an application?
3. We are getting married on an island or in another state. Where do we get our marriage license?
4. Can I register my marriage in Pennsylvania if it takes place in another country or state?
5. Is there a central registry of marriage in Pennsylvania?
6. I live in Washington County, but my marriage is taking place in another county in Pennsylvania. Where can I get my marriage license?
7. Do I need a licensed minister or priest to perform my marriage ceremony?
8. How do I get a self-uniting marriage license?
9. Does Pennsylvania recognize common-law marriages?
10. At what age is a person no longer a minor in Pennsylvania?
11. Why do you need my social security number (SSN) to apply for a marriage license?
12. What if I have a SSN but refuse to provide it?
13. What happens if I do not have a SSN?
14. Marriage applications are public record. I do not want my SSN given out to the public.