What does "unless required by applicable authority" mean?

Documents or information that is required to be included or filed by statute, rule, or regulation, does not have to be treated as confidential under the Policy.

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1. Will the custodian (i.e., filing office) review my filing for compliance with the Public Access Policy?
2. What happens if I do not comply with the Policy?
3. What penalties exist for failure to comply?
4. What color paper should the confidential document form be printed on?
5. How should I file a confidential document?
6. Does the certificate of compliance have to be attached to every filing?
7. What information or the documents can the public access?
8. Does the Policy pertain to filings for support, or filings made in the Register of Wills?
9. What does "unless required by applicable authority" mean?
10. I am worried about complying with the Policy. What should I do?