Adult Probation


29 W Cherry Avenue
Family Court Center, Suite 413
Washington, PA 15301



Link: Adult Probation Page

Toll Free Phone: 1-888-619-9904

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Allen, Stacey Clerical Unit 724-250-4139  
Bardo, Jeremy Intercounty/Interstate 724-229-5926  
Bonner, Courtney Restrictive Treatment Program/DUI Court 724-250-4138  
Bowen, April Probation Monitor 724-228-6891  
Brown, Joylene Clerical Unit 724-223-4710  
Buxton, Tristan Drug Testing Services - Lab Manager 724-229-6034  
Crow, Jeremy PreTrial/Presentence Unit 724-250-4121  
Durbin, Shelby Probation Monitor 724-705-8516  
Gerba, Jeremy General Supervision Unit - Northern Washington County Area 724-250-4809  
Goans, Cathy ARD/DUI Cases 724-223-4696  
Gould, Jonathan Impact Unit 724-250-4138  
Hanley, Josh General Supervision Unit - Southern Washington County Area 724-223-4695  
Jackson, Randy Supervisor (Specialty Courts/Pretrial/DUI) 724-228-6861  
Joseph, Stephen General Supervision Unit - City of Washington 724-250-4137  
Kearns, Kayla Clerical Unit 724-250-6596  
Kohlbacher, Kyle Pretrial/Presentence 724-250-4130  
Kozak, Josh General Supervision Unit - Northern Washington County Area 724-250-4628  
Lebar, Karen Assistant Chief Probation Officer 724-228-6582  
Miller, Rick PreTrial/Presentence Unit 724-223-4694  
Moore, Dominic All non-ARD DUI cases/DROP 724-228-6923  
Parks, Erik Supervisor (Impact/General Supervision) 724-250-4144  
Penderville, Brian Impact Unit 724-250-4618  
Pryor, Patricia Office Manager (Clerical Staff) 724-250-4148  
Ridge, Jon T. Chief Probation Officer 724-228-6262  
Seraly, Nathan General Supervision Unit -  Southern Washington County Area 724-223-4689  
Sweany, Jordan Impact Unit 724-223-4688  
Testa, Heather Mental Health/Veterans Court 724-250-4809  
Trump, Timothy General Supervision Unit - City of Washington 724-250-4667  
Valega, Andrea Maria Clerical Unit 724-250-4131  
Walsh, Joel Impact Unit 724-250-4104  
Zacour, Anson All non-ARD DUI cases/DROP 724-228-6765  
Monteleone, Trevor Intercounty/Interstate 724-250-4627  
Thomas, Cedric All non-ARD DUI cases/DROP 724-250-6542  

Collections and Disbursement Unit 

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed 12-1 PM for lunch

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Conroy, Cheryl Collections Officer 724-250-4072  
Ealy, Hannah Bookkeeper 724-250-4085  
Kopach, Madison Collections Officer 724-250-4086  
Ross, Rebecca Collections Coordinator 724-250-4071  

Booking Center 


Monday, Wednesday and Friday
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Innamorato, Holly Booking Center Manager   724-229-5931  

Mental Health Court 


Link: Mental Health Court Page