Judge of the Term (General Motions Court)

Civil Court

The Judge of the Term presides over Motions Court for unassigned cases.  He/she shall decide unassigned civil matters brought before him/her and schedule any proceedings, if necessary, to dispose of issues involving those cases.  

For 2023, the Judge of the Term schedule is as follows:

Judge Michael J. Lucas: The first (1st) day of the month through the fifteenth (15th) day of the month.

Judge Gary M. Gilman: The sixteenth (16th) day of the month through the last day of the month.

Motions Court for the Judge of the Term is held pursuant to the scheduled Judge's regular motions schedule.

Criminal Court

For 2023, Zone 1 is assigned to Judge Valarie Costanzo and Zone 2 is assigned to Judge Brandon Neuman.

Preliminary matters on criminal cases shall be brought to the assigned Judge for disposition.   Miscellaneous matters that have not been assigned, such as extradition proceedings and assignment of defense counsel, should be presented to the Criminal Motions Judge unless specifically exempted below or provided otherwise.  The Criminal Motions Judge schedule is as follows:  

January                        -                       Judge Neuman

February                      -                       Judge Costanzo

March                          -                       Judge Neuman

April                            -                       Judge Costanzo

May                             -                       Judge Neuman

June                             -                       Judge Costanzo

July                              -                       Judge Neuman

August                        -                       Judge Costanzo

September                   -                       Judge Neuman

October                       -                       Judge Costanzo

November                   -                       Judge Neuman

December                    -                       Judge Costanzo