Probating Will

To Probate a Will:  a Petition for Probate and Grant of Letters must be completed including the signature and information of the Attorney of Record and submitted along with:
  • an original will and/or codicil; 
  • an original death certificate, 
  • the personal appearance of the executor/administrator, witnesses to will (not necessary if will is self-proving) OR notarized Affidavit of subscribing witness/non subscribing witnesses must appear in person.
  • renunciations, if necessary, must be notarized if done outside of office.
  • Bonds will be required for out of state representatives if not specifically stated in will.
  • One check – for the probate fees (calculated at time of probate and balance due at time of filing of Rev 1500) payable to Washington County Register of Wills.
Wills may only be probated in the county where the decedent was legally domiciled at the time of death.  The staff is not licensed to assist in completing the forms nor giving advice.  A complete checklist (Estate Checklist) can be provided to individuals not seeking legal counsel.  Professionals are recommended.

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