Constable Review Board

A constable review board has been established pursuant to local rule. View the local rule (PDF).

The Washington County Constable Review Board consists of the following members:

  • Judge Valarie Costanzo
  • Magisterial District Judge Ethan Ward
  • Patrick R. Grimm, Esq, District Court Administrator
  • Michael Namie, Controller
  • William Miller, Constable

Filing a Complaint

Complaints must be in writing on the Constable Review Board Complaint (PDF). Questions regarding the complaint form may be directed to 724-228-6797.

A complaint may be submitted in person, or by mail, to the following:
Special Courts Administrator
Washington County Courthouse
1 S Main Street, Suite 2004
Washington, PA 15301

Complaints Entertained

The Constable Review Board may only entertain complaints relevant to a constable’s performance of judicial duties. The Board does not have the authority to review complaints pertaining to a constable’s exercise of non-judicial duties. The complainant will be contacted by Court Administration after filing a complaint, and will receive written notice of the Court’s decision.