Calendars & Schedules

Civil Argument Court

Civil Argument Court is held in accordance with Wash. L.R.C.P. 302. The cases to be heard are listed by case name, docket number, any attorney of record or party involved, and can include matters such as preliminary objections, motions for judgment on the pleadings, or motions for summary judgment. The Argument List is archived by date.

The Argument Court list is set by the Court Administrator. To sign up your dispositive motion for Argument Court, file it with the Washington County Prothonotary. Scheduling motions before the assigned judge or the General Motions Court judge shall not be entertained.

Find the Court Lists organized by date and judge.

Note on Briefing Schedules: Unless otherwise stated in an Order of Court, briefing schedules for any proceeding requiring briefs are as set forth in Local Rule L-210. However, Argument Court lists are Orders of Court issued with instructions that set forth a specific briefing schedule: The moving party's brief is due twenty (20) days prior to argument, and the nonmoving party's brief is due ten (10) days prior to argument. if the Court sets a case for argument court by individual court order, the briefing schedule will be controlled by that scheduling order.

The Civil Trial List and the Court's Case Management Process

Following the adoption of Wash. L.R.C.P. 212.1, the Washington County Court of Common Pleas no longer maintains a classical or traditional "trial list." Instead, cases are deemed ready for trial based on that case's status in the case management timeline, as determined between the court and the parties at status conferences and pre-trial conferences. As such, the docket number of a case is not a reflection of when a case may be tried - your trial date will be set by the assigned judge. If your case has not yet been set for an Initial Case Management Conference with the court, please contact the civil court administrator to inquire about your case's status.

Criminal Schedule

The notice or court order is controlling as to the date and time of a proceeding. However, certain matters may be listed here; please ensure that you select "Washington" as the judicial district.

DUI Central Court

Preliminary hearings where the highest charged offense is driving under the influence are generally held in DUI Central Court. DUI Central Court is held on Friday, with two to three hearing dates per month. Please review the Court calendar (PDF) for specifics. Read the Administrative Regulations regarding DUI Court for more information.. 

All continuance requests should be addressed to:
DUI Central Court
90 West Chestnut Street, Suite 200
Washington, PA 15301

The DUI Central Court Phone Number is (724) 228-1105
The Fax Number is (724) 228-6218

Any continuance by a defendant requires conferral with the District Attorney’s Office.

Jury Trial Terms

The jury trial terms are listed in the Annual Court Calendar (PDF). Criminal Jury selection is held on each Monday of the trial term unless otherwise noted.

Selection dates for jury trials for the calendar year may also be viewed here.