The local rules of civil procedure provide that any civil matter where the amount in controversy does not exceed $50,000 and which do not include title to real property, will proceed through compulsory arbitration. Counsel and all parties are expected to be familiar with both the state and local rules of civil procedure that govern arbitration cases.

Initial Filing & Scheduling of Arbitration

Cases must be filed in the Office of the Prothonotary. The arbitration date will be set by Court Administration in accordance with the applicable local rule(s) of civil procedure. Thereafter, notice will be given to all parties at least thirty days in advance of the arbitration.

Continuance Requests

Requests for a continuance of an arbitration date are governed by Wash. L.R. Civ. P. 1303.2. Find the praecipe for continuance form (PDF). Not all continuance requests are eligible for use of the praecipe. Therefore, you should carefully read the rule.


To be considered for appointment to a board of arbitrators, an attorney must be admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and be a member of the Washington County Bar Association. If you wish to be appointed as an arbitrator, please contact Court Administration at 724-228-6797.


Compensation of arbitrators is set by the Court and paid by the Court.

Arbitration Hearing

All matters will be heard by a board of arbitrators at the time, date, and place specified on the notices sent out to all parties. If at the time of the hearing, one or more parties are not present, the matter may be immediately heard by a common pleas judge without the absent party or parties. There is no right to a trial de novo from a decision entered by a judge. All hearings will be held in the Family Court Center unless the notice states otherwise:
Family Court Center
29 W Cherry Avenue
Washington, PA 15301


An appeal from an award shall be taken by filing a notice of appeal in the Office of the Prothonotary not later than thirty days after the entry of the award on the docket. The fee associated with the appeal is payable to the Office of the Prothonotary at the time the appeal is filed. The party appealing the award is responsible for the payment of the fee for the appeal.