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Where should I file my Family Law documents?

Documents relating to Divorce actions, Custody actions, and Protection from Abuse actions should be filed with the Washington County Prothonotary.

Documents relating to Domestic Relations (child support and spousal support) should be filed with the Domestic Relations Office, which is located in the Family Court Center.

Divorce Complaint

(1 original and 3 copies - Fees are by number of counts in the complaint)

Number of CountsFee
One Count$211.75
Two Counts$271.25
Three Counts$331.75
Four Counts$391.25
Five Counts$451.75
Six Counts$511.25
Seven Counts$571.75

Add $8 for custody claim

Divorce Master Fees

Custody Complaint$325.25 (1 original and 3 copies)
Custody Complaint with Agreement$140.25
Full Day (initial filing)$435
Half Day (additional)$217.50
Petition for Modification$185 (1 original and 3 copies)
Quarter Day (additional)$108.75