Juror Instructions

    The following is a copy of the instructions listed on the back of your jury summons:

    Completing the Questionnaires

    Within 7 days, complete the questionnaire online, or by mail (we must have completed forms before considering requests for excusals/postponements). Any false statement is subject to penalties of the law. Failure to complete the questionnaire may result in court action/fines. The questionnaire will be used in the courtroom to help select a jury. The confidential questionnaire is secured in a locked file and destroyed upon completion of your service.

    When & Where to Report

    Follow the reporting instructions on the front of your summons. If required to report, you will report to the Jury Lounge in the basement of the Courthouse. Bring your summons with you. Allow sufficient time for parking.


    Do not use parking meters as you cannot leave to feed the meters. Recommended Crossroads Parking Garage is at 50 N Franklin Street with limited handicapped meter parking also on West Cherry Avenue. Your parking will be validated when you check in.  There is a shuttle from the garage to the Courthouse beginning at 7:30 AM.

    Length of Jury Service

    When you report the first day, an orientation to explain the jury process is provided. Jurors are selected for trial the first and/or second day to begin serving within the service period listed on the front of your summons. If not selected for a trial, your service is considered complete. After reporting and if selected for a trial, instructions are provided.


    Show your summons to your employer prior to your service date to arrange for your absence. Verification for your employer concerning the days you serve will be available, upon request, when your service is complete. Your employment letter will be mailed to you at the home address you provided on your questionnaire, or you may print one from eResponse.

    Hardship Postponements / Excusals

    For extreme hardships, immediately send a detailed request with your completed questionnaire to the Jury Management Division. We cannot consider requests from employers or third parties-only jurors themselves. Particular day excusals cannot be granted. No excusals/postponements can be granted by phone, and no excusals will be granted once you report. Requests received one week prior to your beginning service date will be considered only due to an extreme emergency.


    All nonresidents must fill out and return the forms to be disqualified from jury service.

    Medical Excuses

    Medical requests for excusal require a Medical Excuse Form, which must be completed by a doctor. Medical Excuse Forms are available by request from the Jury Management Department. Please note that submitting a Medical Excuse Form is not an automatic excusal.

    Mail the Questionnaire

    If you’re unable to include your request with your questionnaires, you may fax or mail it separately. Include your name, address, day-time phone number, juror number and reporting date. Mail to:
    Court Administrator’s Office
    Jury Management
    1 S Main Street, Suite 1003
    Washington, PA 15301
    Phone: 724-228-6974
    Fax: 724-228-6938
    Phone-In Line (Reporting Status): 1-855-681-5879

    Report to Jury Unless Request Is Approved

    If your request is approved, you will be notified. If you do not receive notification, you must report. It is your responsibility to check the status of your request by contacting the phone-in line.


    Dress comfortably but appropriately with respect to the Court. Shorts, T-shirts, tank and halter tops are not appropriate. We are not responsible for personal belongings. Bring only what you need. All persons entering the Courthouse are subject to search.