Act 122 & 151

The following is the procedure for Act 122 (driver’s license restoration) and Act 151 (jail time completion):

If you are reporting to the Adult Probation/Parole Office about restoration of your driving privilege, or if you have received a restoration letter from PennDOT, here are the steps you must complete:

Act 122

You will need to contact your probation officer by telephone to schedule an appointment to complete an Act 122 Form. At that appointment time, bring the following items with you (if you do not have all of these items, the Act 122 will not be complete and your driver’s license will not be restored):

  • An Act 122 Affidavit from the Washington County Adult Probation Collections and Disbursement Unit. This is a specific form that states that all fines and costs have been paid in full. A copy of your receipts will not be acceptable.
  • A letter of completion from the CARE Center or other approved treatment agency. This letter states that you have completed all DUI-related treatment and have paid for the services in full.
  • Your Pennsylvania (PA) driver’s license number. You must know your driver’s license number to be put on the appropriate paperwork. If you do not know this number, it can be located on your restoration letter from PennDOT.

Act 151

This act states that any jail time has been completed. If you are in the process of having your drivers license restored, the Act 151 paperwork will be completed at the same time as the Act 122. You will need to notify the probation officer at the Act 122 appointment that PennDOT does not have verification of your jail time.

If you have completed the process for an Act 122 but PennDOT does not have notification that your jail time was completed, contact your probation officer and ask them to complete an Act 151. It will be helpful if you are able to provide the dates in which you were incarcerated.

Judge Approval

Once the Act 122 paperwork has been completed at the Adult Probation Office, it is sent to the sentencing judge for approval. From the judge, the paperwork is taken to the Clerk of Courts office. The Clerk of Courts Office handles the processing and filing of this paperwork and they certify all information to PennDOT. Please note that the entire process generally takes 6 to 8 weeks.