Adult Probation

Probation and parole are systematic and constructive methods of correctional treatment, which through the following the following actions can facilitate the offender’s reintegration into society as a law abiding and productive member:

  • Assistance
  • Counseling
  • Guidance
  • RestraintProbation Services Building
  • Surveillance

Role of the Probation Officer

The end result is a safer and better community. Probation officers should seek out the assistance in the community in the rehabilitative effort and as time allows and the court permits, interpret to the community the role of the probation officer and the purpose of probation and parole.


We are a public safety department that provides service to the community by:

  • Always serving the public with integrity and through the pursuit of justice within the confines of the law and the Constitutions of the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Always striving to reduce criminal activity in our community and provide a safer place for our citizens to live
  • Demanding that offenders lead a lawful lifestyle, and attempting to change the offender’s long-term behavior following the completion of their sentence and their rehabilitation
  • Supervising and holding offenders sentenced through the Washington County Court of Common Pleas accountable by enforcing court orders and conditions of probation and parole


We believe:

  • That community protection can best be achieved through highly motivated and trained professionals whose sole responsibility is to maintain the principles of justice and the laws of the Commonwealth
  • That our probation/parole officers and support staff are the most vital component for accomplishing the mission of the department. We are committed to providing the best equipment, training, education, and guidance in order to ensure their safety and the public’s safety in the performance of their duties

Assistance from Outside Agencies

Washington County Adult probation/Parole receives assistance during these compliance sweeps from outside agencies and law enforcement departments including:

  • K-9 units from throughout the county
  • Local police departments
  • State Constables
  • State Police
  • State Probation/Parole
  • Washington County Juvenile Probation Office

Yearly Report