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Mission Statement

Washington County Pretrial Services affords community based supervision of defendants as they move through the criminal trial process. Our program emphasizes least restrictive conditions to participants; however, we are always mindful of public safety. Through pretrial monitoring, we strive to minimize incarceration days and the prolonged separation of the accused from the community. We seek timely and appropriate resolutions to cases. We support sentencing alternatives wherever possible to further reduce judicial costs and the impact of re-incarceration.

Core Values

  • The fundamental belief in the presumption of innocence.
  • Assessment driven evidence based practices across the adult pretrial justice continuum in order to eliminate outcomes that are influenced by race, gender, social class or economic status.
  • Enhancing public safety through non-financial conditional release options and supervision.
  • Pro-social interventions that address substance disorders, employment, housing, medical, educational, and mental health issues for personal improvement and decrease the likelihood of criminal behavior.
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